Bair badhate mandir masjid, mel karati madhushala Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s words can make even the most unpoetic person stop and. Madhushala Lyrics. Verse 1. Madiralaya jane ko ghar se chalta hai peene wala. Kis path se jaun, asmanjas mein hai woh bhola bhala. Alag alag path batlaate. Madhushala (Hindi: मधुशाला) is a book of “quatrains”: verses of four lines (Ruba’i) by It has been translated into English and regional Indian languages such as Bengali, Marathi and Malayalam. It has been choreographed, and.

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Touch not my tongue with the Ganga’s waters, but with wine, when I die. Yet he is known mostly for his poetic trilogy of Madhushaala, Madhubaala and Madhukalash, and more so for the first of these. Madhushala was part of his trilogy inspired by Omar Khayyam ‘s Rubaiyatwhich he had earlier translated into Hindi. With unbroken pace, she rotates the rosary of wine glasses.

The text has also been choreographed for stage performances. Read Post a comment.

Meaning of Madhushala by Harivansh Rai Bachchan —

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Her coquetry and charms are lost arts; All the tavern wishes now is to fulfil its obligations. Im to a vine of grapes, not a waterpot, but a wine-goblet. The range of the verses of Madhushala is wide: Yet, inside the winehouse there is a winepot, there are winecups. Featured Today In Travel.

Madhushala :The House of Wine

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Two veteran poets who thrive on metaphors. Dressed in a lyyrics suit, complete with cufflinks and a tie, Mohyeddin was every bit the perfectly gorgeous gentleman. Harivanshrai Bachchan’s stardom, unique in Hindi literature, was mostly the gift of Madhushaala. This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat More so, when his firstborn recites them.



Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. Sign up with Facebook. Which burning heart has been pacified by drinking?

Which is exactly what happened at Mumbai’s Bandra Fort on Monday evening, as Amitabh Bachchan gave voice to his father’s words and enthralled the packed audience. Hear the laughter of the drinkers, as the fragrance of the tavern wafts through the air. He asks many people around as lyrice which path to follow and everyone guides him differently.

Cremate me on that land, where there once was a tavern. You are commenting using your Twitter account. If you can wet the earth somewhere, my soul will be satisfied. He who has burnt all scriptures with his inner fire, Has broken temples, mosques and churches with carefree abandon, And has cut the nooses of pandits, mullahs and priests Only he is welcome in my tavern.

Pour on my ashes, not ghee, but wine. It sounds like the tinkling of bells on the feet of an intoxicated girl. The 20 translated above are from the popular musical rendition of the poem by Manna Dey and Bachchan Sr. How much love can I give and how much can I drink? Alas, he that with eager lips, has not kissed this wine, Alas, he that trembling with joy, has not touched a brimming goblet, He that has not drawn close the coy wine-maiden by her hand, Has wasted this honey-filled tavern of Life.

Madhushala – Wikipedia

But you should keep walking no matter what and there will be a time when you will finally reach your destination. Of how many such hopes is this tavern a tomb?

And sit somewhere, having filled the Ganga with wine.

Lost memories serve the wine, that intoxicates with pain. It speaks of life’s pain, beauty, love, sorrow and death. I drank and passed the goblet to everyone. Call it not lava, though it flows red, like a tongue of flame. Bachchan has only been appreciating the beauty of wine, goblet and tavern, I find that this verse very selflessas he writes that, the tavern has all the positive qualities but he himself does not want to go there, instead he guides everyone else to it.


I like how clearly this verse captures a confusion that every person has to face once in his lifetime, when one leaves his home and steps out into the world to chase his dreams, how people always create more and more confusion about the road to be taken and how one ultimately reaches his destination.

Only once every year, the fires of Holi are lit.

We have made an attempt to derive the meaning out of this long poem through a detailed analysis. But, O, those who are lost in the world, come and see the tavern any day, The tavern celebrates a Holi, every morning and a Diwali every night. It has been choreographed, and performed on stage. This is the ultimate trance, the ultimate wine-maiden and the ultimate goblet.

Madhur bhaavnaaon ki su-madhuar nitya banaata hoon haala bharta hoon is madhu se apne antar ka pyaasa pyaala utha kalpana ke haatho se svayam use pee jaata hoon apne hee mein hoon mai saaki, peene vaalaMadhushala The author says that he has been making wine poetry of all the nice feelings and experiences of his life.

And then he sang Only once is the game played and are garlands of lamps lit.