Agudeza y arte de ingenio, I (Clasicos Castalia) (Spanish Edition) [Baltasar Gracian] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Arte de ingenio. 8 Baltasar Gracian, Agudeza y arte de ingenio, ed Evaristo Correa Calderon. 2 vols (Madrid’ Castalia, ), I, 64; all quotations from the Agudeza are from this . Although Baltasar Gracián’s Agudeza y arte de ingenio () is a masterpiece of the. Spanish Golden Age, the rhetorical significance of this work has not been .

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It is not until Discourse 11 that Gracian formulates a fuller solution to the problem: GRADY 29 two disparate objects—is not what makes a “witty” similitude “witty”; without some special “heightening,” it is merely a “common similitude,” says Gracian disparagingly.

Mazzeo and May to the con- trary, Gracian’s concepto is not always a trope or figure of speech; it is not necessarily metaphoric. GRADY 31 xrte struggling toward—a conception of what we now call the “fine arts,” distinguished from the practical arts by an aspiration to a “beauty” that is autotelic.

Baltasar Gracián

Pajarillo, sostenganme tus ramas, Y ampareme tu sombra, peregrine Hilare tu memoria entre las gentes, Can tare, enmudeciendo ajenas famas, Y votare a tu templo mi camino. GRADY 27 centos, aguila en los conceptos; en toda especie de agudeza eminente, pero en esta de contraproporciones consistio dde triunfo de su grande in- genio.

Ricardo Celis added it Aug 10, Such a conception is a decisive shift from classical mimetic theory and an important step in the development of modern aesthetic theory. Gracian has been elaborating an A rte de ahudeza, and his very title em- bodies the paradox that he attempts to resolve in the final passage quoted.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. For his treatise, with its continual puns, similitudes, and proportions, is itself an instance of the art of wit that is being analyzed, as we sawr clearly in his definition of the intellectual symmetry that is the peculiarly “mental”‘ form of beauty achieved by the conceit.

And he goes on to give us examples of symmetries formed by two ”causes” I, 68two “effects” I, 68and a cause and an effect I, artf Del Bautista pondero un orador cristiano, que con razon fue anunciado del angel, al ofrecer su padre Zacaiias el incienso. The understanding, then, as the prime and princi- pal power, achieves the height of artifice, the extreme of skill, in all its different kinds of ob- jects ” 32 GRAClAN’S agudeza rate in three of them because sensations possess the latent capability of being artistically arranged as, to repeat his examples, the agreeable proportions of architecture and the other visible arts, the harmony of music, and the skillful combinations of flavors of the talented cook.


Grady It has been thirty years since Ernst Robert Curtius argued for a radi- cal revision in the prevailing critical estimation of Baltasar Gracian’s Agudeza y arte de ingemo. English Choose a language kngenio shopping. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

Agudeza y arte de ingenio by Baltasar Gracián

In the twentieth century the New Criticism, 23 “A Christian orator pondered the case of John the Baptist, that he was infenio announced by an angel when his father Zacharias was offering incense. With Gracian above all, to translate is to interpret, and this and all subsequent translations are my own; I HUGH H GRADY 23 osa panegiri, ya en ingeniosa crisi, digo alabando o vituperando—, uno como centra, de quien reparte el ingenjo, Hneas de pondera- cion y sutileza a las entidades que lo rodean; esto es, a los adjuntos que lo coronan, como son sus causas, sus efectos, atributos, cali- dades, contingenoas, circunstancias de tiempo, lugar, modo, etc.

II, 33 32 “The ingenio is the principal, the efficient cause; all the others without it are not enough, and it without the others suffices, aided by the others, it strives for excess and achieves prodigies, and if it is inventive and fertile, so much the better; it is an ever-flowing spring of conceits and a continual mine of subtlety It is said that nature stole from reason all that which was an advantage to the ingenio, and in this is founded that paradox of Seneca, that all great ingenio contains a degree of madness It has its day and picks its moment, so that it often does not agudea itself; it alters with extrinsic and even material impressions; it lives at the con- fines of the emotions, at the borders of the will, and is grudgingly admitted as a neighbor to the passions.


Brenis Cepin marked it as to-read Mar 12, It escapes precise definition. Gracian makes the same distinction with different categories later in the Agudeza when he defines the general relation between the rhetorical figures of speech and conceits.

The conceit of proportion is formed from a delimited fund of materials at hand, the commonplace relations formed by the subject of discourse and its adja- cents. Horace’s Ars poetica, quoted qrte than agudezz in the Agudeza, was a locus cimsicus for that critical debate of ancient poetics: Gracian supplies, in effect, this missing aesthetic, but an aesthetic tied to a specific moment in the history of the lyric and thus one in need of supplement and “translation.

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Art in Gracián’s Agudeza.’ | Hugh Grady –

But the essence of true wit transcends this practical function and rises to a higher level, attaining beauty.

Johnson’s discordia concors nor Helen Gardner’s “comparison whose ingenuity is more striking than its justness.

We are more familiar, perhaps, with other labels for the pro- cedure: Brandon Danaher marked it as to-read Dec 08, His initial approach to the question is a partial one: The idea of symmetry and measure as the essence of the beautiful is not original with Gracian.

Chateubriand rated it really liked it Dec 12, Guillermo De la Torre rated it it was amazing Apr 07, There is more here than meets the eye. Sorobai marked it as to-read Aug 12, Jimmyx rated it really liked it Feb 23, Extremada correlation entre ella cruel, y su patria, madre de fieras y viboras. Ghya marked it as to-read Aug 13,