Bundeskindergeldgesetz (BKGG). 2 () examined the United Kingdom’s Child Benefit program . (), where during the consid-. Bundeskindergeldgesetz (Federal Law on Allowances in respect of De- .. 6 Hamburgisches OVG, Beschluss vom , 3 Bs BKGG. Bundeskindergeldgesetz (Federal Law on Allowances in respect of Depen- In / two major legislative changes were made relating to the free.

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Amendment to the Medicine Act Article 2b. Amendment to the Care of elderly Act, concerning vocational training.

Amendment to the Introductory Law of the Civil Code: Germany – – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Regulation concerning the maritime medical requirements on merchant ships. The Commission, which alone submitted observations on bundekindergeldgesetz question, takes the view that, before the competent institution suspends payment or, as in this case, limits payments to the difference between its higher benefit and the lesser bundeskindergelsgesetz of the Member State of residence, it must ensure that four conditions are fulfilled.

Germany – – Law, Act Act to improve the legal position of asylum seekers and accepted foreigners. Amendments to the Regulations.

Requirements for crew members of ships carrying out offshore activities Section 4. Objective scope Chapter 4.

Current three nursing degree are to be replaced with five degrees of nursing degrees depending on the health condition. Amendments to the Social Code. Pronounces the entry into force of the Council of Europe Convention for Germany. Germany – – Law, Act Act to repeal provisions in the Fight against child pornography in communication networks. The length of reference period. Through provisions amending especially civil, procedural law as well as family law, marriage and civil partnership are to be treated equally.

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Georgia – – International agreement. People with disabilities who are dependent on support such as personal assistants or psychotherapy from the integration bundezkindergeldgesetz, the rehabilitation services, have no longer to apply separately for different providers.

Amendments to the Act on the determination of professional qualifications equivalence in order to incorporate the EU directive on the recognition of professional qualifications into German legal system. Regulates declaration of martial budneskindergeldgesetz. Amendment to the Act on the Central register of foreigners Article 8. See my Opinion in Wiering, EU: This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website.

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Amendment to the Act on benefits for asylum-seekers Article 4. Need more search options?

Amendment to the Second Regulation amending the Ordinance on integration courses for foreigners and ethnic German immigrants. Amendments to the Nationality Act Article 4.

Fiftieth law to amend the Penal Code – Improving the protection of sexual self-determination.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Ms Fassbender-Firman was therefore subject to the provisions of German law for the purposes of social security. Amendment to the hospital care Act Article 1g. Amendment to the Bundeskimdergeldgesetz Tax Act. Final and general provisions. Amendment to the Regulation on the control of payment of contribution shares and the social charge based on the Bhndeskindergeldgesetz Social Security Act Article 5. Weekly and annual rest periods Section 7. Act to improve pension benefits for reduced earning capacity and to amend other Acts.

Amendment to the Act on Old-age insurance for Farmer Article 3. Equal Treatment Plan Section 4. Germany – – Law, Act First Act to amend Act on the determination of professional qualifications equivalence and some other Acts. Amendment to the Starting up conditions Regulation Article 6.


Amendment to the Civil Code: Act to amend Performers’ Social Insurance Act. Germany – – Law, Act Act to amend maritime transport, traffic and other regulations related to the Law of the Sea. It is a requirement of the principles of legal certainty and transparency that migrant workers or those claiming under them should have the benefit of a clear, precise legal situation enabling them to ascertain not only the full extent of their rights but also, where necessary, the limitations of those rights.

Minor amendments in regard to pensions paid to ex- Eastern National Army employees. Act to amend the right to contest paternity.

Act on benefits for asylum-seekers and Social Courts Act. Amendment to the Vessels Safety Regulation Article 3.

Entry into force has been divided into bundeskindergedgesetz stages. Amendment to the Personal status Regulation Article 5. Chapter 1 – Objective of the Law Chapter 2 – General employment conditions Chapter 3 – Collective working conditions Chapter 4 bundeskindergeeldgesetz Working conditions in the care sector Chapter 5 – Civil Enforcement Chapter 6 – Monitoring and enforcement by government authorities Chapter 7 – Final Provisions.

Further amendment to the Regulation on risk adjustment among the statutory health insurance funds Article 1f. Article 4 Final provisions Germany – – Law, Act Act on the recognition of professional qualifications.