Check out this new article White Wolf posted on Big Eyes Small Mouth 3rd Edition Character Sheet White Wolf and. personal copies of the character sheet, or brief quotes for use in reviews. . So when I knew we needed to develop BESM 3e, the question was obvious: how do . White Wolf and Arthaus post free download of BESM3 character sheet. Big Eyes Small Mouth 3rd Edition released to stores today (Wednesday.

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The initial edition, designed by Mark C.

Although the books were usually well put-together and almost always featured many full-color pages with stills from the series involved, many fans believed the information provided in certain guides was sheey and unreliable. First, watch behind you. And even four blank spaces for extra Skills not in the book.

Gaming Discussion

Pulver began writing supplements for what was essentially a fairly simple game, adding a detailed system for the creation of mecha with his book Big Robots, Cool Starships. Plus, for the TRULY lazy gamers, there’s an interactive Damage Table that runs all the calculations for damage for you, though it’s limited to one attack form at a time, so you’d want to use it only while actually on your computer.


Another company will be publishing it and providing future support. Having the derived calculations is probably the most helpful aspect, since new players to games such as these can use it to figure out values without monopolising the book. Characters are evaluated based on three “Stats”, against which all action checks are made. January 26th, Big Eyes, Small Mouth is a tabletop role-playing game that was designed to simulate the action of anime and manga.

It characteer have been a page sheet that covered all aspects of a character — background, stats, items, contacts, magic, mecha, etc. The Swedish RPG blog Piruett went through the best character sheets, and guess which one came up on top? We and most game companies hear it about every book they publish.

Character Sheet Complaints – BESM 3

The second thing is a minor one, but I will complain about it: January 25th, The first edition was a slim, grey-covered book. Our BESM 3 character sheet probably isn’t what you’re looking for anyway. Thread started by strongblade.

The more confusing the rules, the more confusing the sheet.

And one of them doesn’t count as a complaint, since it happens shset virtually every character sheet published and I understand why. To often the sheet that comes standard either lacks things that should be there one I saw lacked a place to record exp! However I do enjoy the challenge of designing a character sheet for my campaigns.


Sales were good but the critical response was mixed. The rules allow for games to be played in sheet anime setting, from high-school romantic comedy to pet monster shows to dark horror.

That said, defining a ‘multi-genre’ character sheet for a system with such a huge range of possibilities as BESM would be virtually impossible.

November 24th, Either way I’m afraid I wouldn’t have liked a 16 page editikn either. But they are made of viewpoints, of images, of memories and puns and lost hopes.

The world’s most gorgeous character sheet

I have only two complaints. Use pretty colours on 1 page.

I think more game companies should take cues from Posthuman Studios and some of the independent character sheet makers out there. A vast promotion and beta test was organized, and included a number of demo-team members from around the world. I even find that with several players creating their character for a campaign all in the same ‘game world’ will end up with wildly different needs.

If you pre-ordered the book from us, more information will follow.