Inside the Aquarium: The Making of a Top Soviet Spy. Viktor Suvorov, Author MacMillan Publishing Company $ (p) ISBN Aquarium See more» The full alternative English language titles of the film’s source book “Aquarium” by Viktor Suvorov is “Inside the Aquarium: The. THE AQUARIUM is the headquarters of the GRU – Soviet Military Intelligence. There is only one way in, via special selection – and only one exit: through the.

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Induction into the GRU, the elite Soviet military-intelligence agency, begins with a film strip of a traitorous agent being burned alive.

It was a group which devoured its own. Black and White Color. He basically makes it clear he didn’t believe but was getting suvogov and the reason he defected is he saw something he didn’t want to see, which caused a suvorrov officer to be recalled and probably either imprisoned or killed and knew he’d be next because he saw it all while working at the embassy in Vienna.

How did he actually make his decision to defect? Viktor describes fleeing his apartment in the middle of the night because he is afraid of being “evacuated” by GRU agents. Incredible methods and resources used by communists to gather information will really surprize anyone.

The first part suvodov the book which opens to the reader some great secrets of soviet special forces and intelligence agencies is really fascinating.

The view he gives of the GRU is instructive.

Aquarium: The Career and Defection of a Soviet Military Spy

It was aquadium military intelligence organization that demanded the absolute loyalty and total domination of its secretive minions. He is one of the historians who believes that Hitler started the war against Russia to prevent Stalin attacking Germany f Former Soviet-Union army officer fled in to England.

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The acquisition and exercise of power were the factors that motivated him, by his own testimony.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Agents of the GRU are said to have attended every exhibition on the planet in the last fifty years — from exhibits of military electronics and tanks to cats and flowers, with one of their most successful missions carried out at an exhibition of Chinese goldfish.

Amazing story from former soviet spy. It was a valuable exercise, and I gained much useful information. View all 4 comments. Engineers developing top military technologies are often the kind of people who can never find a sympathetic ear truly interested in the details of their clever scientific advances.

Inside the Aquarium: The Making of a Top Soviet Spy

This is how the GRU reveals to its trainees that there is only one way out of the organization svuorov death. Above all else, loyalty to the GRU is stressed. Jan 09, chegor rated it it was amazing. Full Cast and Crew.

This is a fine read, and a timely one given the apparent resurgence of the Russian Bear. No trivia or quizzes yet. In shocking fashion, Suvorov recounts the first day of training when he is forced to watch a film that shows a disaffected GRU agent being burned alive.

Aquarium: The Career and Defection of a Soviet Military Spy by Viktor Suvorov

Refresh and try again. You can make more progress at the local library than prowling around well secured buildings after dark. A thoroughly haunting and vivid collection of insights into the GRU. That part i Quite a disappointment. Along the way he gives us an unparalleled vista of the bankruptcy of the Soviet system.


Akwarium () – IMDb

GRU agents, Induction into the GRU, the elite Soviet military-intelligence agency, begins with a film strip of a traitorous agent being burned alive. How did he get his family out if things actually went down the way he writes?

Towards the end of the book, when Suvorov writes that he is being followed, then hunted, by the GRU, and decides to defect, I thought aquarikm was a bachelor. The second one focuses on some psychological aspects of being a spy and definitely does not bring so much interesting details.

If NO – look this movie.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. In such an organization, you quickly learned to trust no one, and to subvert all loves and loyalties to the overriding demands of the GRU. Interesting details about the organization of elite Russian army forces: GRU agents, suorov if there are the elite of the elite, are divided into Vikings who run foreign agents, gathering intelligence and the accolades, and Borzois, who do the necessary leg work of arrange cars, dead drops, and smuggling across borders.

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