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We highly recommend the use of this notification feature as much as possible.

Manual Installation of EDC and IIS – Bulldog Technologies, Inc

Please be sure that the extension ends with. This test ensures that Aldelo EDC is properly communicating with the selected merchant service provider. With this feature enabled, these transactions will remain in Pre-Auth status. For a current list of available certified merchant service provider, please contact our sales office for details. This email notification feature is very useful for being alerted of key events such as errors, warnings or successes.

Click on Store Settings in the Back Office. Your actual setup may vary slightly based on the deployment strategy you chose in Chapter 2. Password will also auto expire in 90 days and will automatically lock the user out after 6 attempts to guess the password.

WavePOS for Aldelo Installation and Setup Guide

The use of this tool is limited to Aldelo Technical Staff and is password protected. This will bring up the list of Merchant Accounts you have. If you use this feature, you must not turn off the computer hosting Aldelo EDC Server and Client components, as well as the database. The Kanual Email Address field indicates who the sender is. This wizard helps you automatically create database and setup account information, saving you a significant amount of time.

To activate, please contact Aldelo Technical Support Staff.

Windows Server Windows Server is a manula grade operating system designed for small to large enterprises. Normally you should have none or only one.


There are currently five. It will also show a count of each type of transaction. To discuss third party integration needs, please contact our technical support department for details. Which merchant service provider offers the best service and rates? It is also important to keep up with latest. Merchants all over the country have discovered the benefits of Aldelo EDC payment processing solution. Under this scenario, even if you have closed the shift for a cashier or janual having credit cards, you still have the ability to adjust gratuity manually from Aldelo EDC.

The history must be kept for at least 90 days to be PCI compliant.

Aldelo EDC User Manual

Network Interface Card, used to connect to other PCs in the same network. The disadvantage of course is that the choices are limited if a payment solution integrates to only one processing alde,o.

Aldelo EDC does not require high bandwidth so that you can save on monthly service charges. Additionally, the computer hosting Server Component must have access to the Internet in order to communicate with back end payment processors.

All of the payment processing and utility methods are encapsulated into a web service called EDC. This usually should be the name of your business followed by the MSP name. Periodic Password Changes Per PCI compliancy requirements and general security best practices, manul is recommended that users change their passwords frequently.

Since the Server Component does not offer user interface for operations, you will use the Client tool in order to setup, administer, or use Aldelo EDC solution. However, if you have a firewall, then you will need to open port 80 for Aldeelo. This will bring up the Windows Components Wizard.

Applies to receipts printed from Aldelo EDC client application only Each computer running Aldelo EDC must be activated before going live. As a Key Custodian, it is recommended that the administrator sign an acknowledgement of responsibilities form issued by the merchant. The notification feature allows up to three parties be notified of selected events. The integrated application should have security permissions limited to sales, tip adjust and void transactions.


We use this section to discuss the various scenarios you may encounter when deploying Aldelo EDC.

Aldelo POS Restaurant Manual | Sharp pos terminal up-v series manual

The first user should have manuall rights so they can have maunal access to the system. We also recommend leaving the default Connect Time Out and Response Time Out to as this should be sufficient for the supported merchant service providers.

We are open 7 days per week. The Store Deployed Payment Middleware solutions are PC based credit card processing software that may operate in stand alone mode or be part of an integrated solution.

Each user account will have associated securities with it by assigning a security role to the user. In recent years, a new breed of payment acceptance technologies has emerged. These types of events cause Aldelo EDC to be out of synch with the merchant service provider for the current batch.

The reason we deploy everything on the server is to have the ability to create and maintain database, as well as other server administrative duties. This section will describe each of the steps involved in performing Aldelo EDC software installation.

Overall, Aldelo EDC is a simple to use, reliable, secure, and scalable credit card payment processing solution for any merchants who wish to accept credit cards. I cannot execute ASP. The only subject of interest is to ensure that IIS is already installed in the supported Windows operating system before attempting to install Aldelo EDC.

This user will be the administrator of the software since they will have full access to all the features of the software.

Aldelo EDC automatically expire all passwords every 90 days. If the system does not have IIS already installed, please follow the instructions listed below to complete IIS installation. The graphical display board or integrated circuits to generate video output to a PC.